"All I can say is WOW!  Where was this book when I was raising my oldest?"

Lynn Special Education teacher


"It's really good because it teaches kids how to control their anger". 

Caleb 12 years old, Grade 6


" I like this book because it's teaching you about anger and how to control it. It teaches you how to  conquer anger and what it can make you cause it. I love the illustrations too".

Mitchell 10 years old, Grade 4 


"This book is very helpful because it helped me understand how to control my anger and its a good book in general". 

Adriana 9 years old, Grade 4 


"I liked it because I could punch pillows and it helped me with things to do when I get angry".

Riley 5 years old, kindergarten


"It made me laugh and to remember not to get angry if you don't get your way"

Pippa 9 years old, Grade 4 


"It was easy to understand and was like a real family"

Jack 12 years old, Grade 6


" I would highly recommend this book both as a Psychologist working with students in schools and as a mum to a 2 year old. Even at her age, my daughter loved reading this book and identifying what Jake was feeling. Children are never too young to learn about feelings and this book is a fun enjoyable way to educate around anger and teach strategies to support this feeling. Thanks Michelle! 

Melissa, Psychologist, Department of Education and Training