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MY SYDNEY BOOK TOUR 7th - 9th MAY 2018



Thank you to Studio 10 for having me on the show to promote my book and to talk about anger in children.  What an amazing experience! I had so much fun!

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I also enjoyed hanging out with Melissa Wilson and Cassie Hamer at The Juggling Act-Kidspot. I loved doing the podcast with them about anger in children and promoting my book. Thank you to everyone involved you all made me feel very welcome!




Thanks to Shevonne Hunt and Elise Cooper from Kinderling Conversation, Kids Radio Station in Sydney. I had a great time doing the podcast with you, both so fun to hang out with! 

To view the Podcast:https://www.kinderling


CHANNEL 7 - THE DAILY EDITION - 17th May, 2018

A big thank you to the Daily Edition Channel 7 for having me Live on Air from Melbourne to promote my book! Was so exciting!

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CHANNEL 7 - THE DAILY EDITION - 12th July 2018

It was great being on the show again today to talk about Toddler Tantrums! 

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